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The 5 Doors Process



The 5 Doors process utilizes two primary tools: "Queries," a Quaker tool of questioning for deepening inquiry and contemplation, and Micropractices, small acts and actions that facilitate the awakening necessary for the work.
Queries (open-ended exploratory questions) are an effective and gentle tool to guide seekers to greater truth, greater love, and deeper insights as to how to be in the world, how to serve the beloved community in a way that reflects their truest selves and their deepest core values. Used on a personal level, this kind of open, expectation-free  questioning helps us get ever deeper as we investigate our own values and our own connectedness to the Divine, remaining on our authentic, true path and open to our own existing wholeness.
Micropractices are small, achievable actions that facilitate the awakening necessary for the work. They are based upon our everyday life and are a great way to begin mindfully altering our experience of engagement in the world.

Along with receiving practical, helpful guidance, practitioners will also come to remember that they belong and are loved, to see the importance of setting apart sacred time, to understand the vital need to create sacred space in one’s life, to realize the importance of developing an individualized spiritual practice to maintain and refresh one’s journey, and how becoming spiritually awake carries the responsibility of Sacred Activism.  
There are no great epiphanies or secret teachings here: this is simply a series of doors being held open for you, the humble sharing of a way in: a structured method to awaken the Sacred within. It doesn’t matter what your religious or spiritual orientation is, or if you even have a religious tradition. I have no preferred path to present or promote. I believe that all who seek to transcend ego are already on the path to enlightenment.


“Sanctity is a quality that we create.” Abraham Joshua Heschel

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