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Spiritual Direction

"We are all just walking each other home." Ram Dass

I work with you in a series of monthly, one-on-one sessions. During our time together I will be gently asking questions, but primarily doing a lot of listening. This is really spiritual companionship. It is all about you and your relationship with That Which Transcends Ego, and your journey to connection with your own Divinity and with the Ground of All Being.
There is no judgment or agenda: I never promote a particular spiritual path or faith-based doctrine. I believe that each individual is on her or his own path, and that each is integrally connected to All That Is: that which is infinite and eternal. I simply hold open the doors to wholeness, self-acceptance and understanding that are already right there in front of you! 
This work can also be done in a facilitated group, where we spend time as a large gathering and also break out into smaller work groups to journey through the queries utilizing discussion, creative work, prayer or meditation and then come back together for interactive sessions.  
The Divine is yearning to be in relationship with you. Your life will never be the same, and you’ll know that it was your own heart and your own devotion that brought you back to the Divine that dwells within your true, authentic self.
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