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My business background

        Then...                                     and now.      

For nearly 30 years I was in advertising, marketing and branding: as a creative pro, strategist, pitch monster and facilitator. I was an award-winning copywriter and creative director, then agency owner, and finally a sole practitioner consultant in Organizational Culture, Branding, and Strategic Development.  Along the way I worked for multinational corporations, pharma companies, food and beverage marketers, ingredients manufacturers, publishers – you name it.  And I also had the honor of doing that work in the areas of peace and justice advocacy - working with the late Gene Case at Avenging Angels.


While working with Gene, I coordinated photo shoots for The Nation Magazine with Janeane Garafalo, Moby, Ani DiFranco, Russell Simmons, Sam Waterston, and other celebs, helped stage manage TV commercials (never allowed to be shown) against the impending invasion of Iraq, featuring Susan Sarandon, Methodist Bishop Melvin Talbot, weapons inspector Bruce Ritter, Rear Admiral Jack Shanahan (ret.), and spent time with Ben Cohen of True Majority, Bobby Kennedy Jr. of Riverkeeper, Medea Benjamin from Code Pink and Leslie Cagan from United for Peace & Justice – you get the picture.

Yes - I've worked both sides of the barricades!

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