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The 5 Doors 

Awakening the Sacred Within


The 5 Doors is a simple way to develop the foundations of a lifelong Spiritual Practice,  a process for creating a way to awaken what Quakers call “That of God” - the sacred that dwells within each person.
This process is ideal for those seeking to establish or refresh a personal spiritual practice, as it is by design intentionally easy and intuitive: no need to learn dead languages, uncomfortable poses, or esoteric texts, no need to embrace specific belief systems or theologies. It's all about starting exactly where you are.
The stages covered in this simple process will help practitioners – or those with whom they work in Spiritual Direction – achieve an effective, attainable practice. There are no great epiphanies or secret teachings involved: this is simply a series of doors being held open, the humble sharing of a way in. 
Each ‘door’ provides a specific focus, ultimately coming together to create a pathway. Along with receiving practical, helpful guidance, practitioners will also come to remember that they belong and are loved, to see the importance of setting apart sacred time, to understand the vital need to create sacred space in one’s life, to realize the importance of developing an individualized spiritual practice to maintain and refresh one’s journey, and how becoming spiritually awake carries the responsibility of Sacred Activism.
Practitioners are encouraged to explore different practice elements to see which resonate and “work” for them, releasing those that do not. The process explores practices based upon different origins of faith, as well as look at ‘cool’ and ‘warm’ practices to explore which complement unique personalities. 
The 5 Doors process is path-agnostic: it doesn't matter what one's religious or spiritual orientation is, or if one even has a religious tradition. It is grounded firmly in Interspirituality, and the methodology has been proven effective for those who are religious to those who are atheists – and others at just about every position in between. 
You set out to find God,
but then you keep stopping for long periods
at mean-spirited roadhouses.
Don’t wait any longer.
Dive in the ocean, leave and let the sea be you.
Silent, absent, walking an empty road, all praise.
~ Jalal al-Din al-Rumi

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